The advantage of XINXING Amphimats compared with wood timber mats

2021-09-15 00:00

XINXING Amphi mats ( hollow structure temporary road mats ) are up to three times lighter than alternative solutions, requiring fewer trucks to transport the same usable surface area, thereby saving CO₂ emissions with every load eliminated. Also, over time wood mats can retain moisture, which increases their weight and decreases mats per load, requiring even more trucks and increased overall transportation costs. At 1,000 lbs per mat, Amphimats has a trucking capacity of up to 50 mats per load compared to wood mats which weigh between 1,500 - 2,800 lbs and only allow for 15 - 30 mats per load. For example, 1,500 Amphimats mats will require 30 truckloads, where the same number of heavier timber mats would need over 90 truckloads. At a trucking average of $500 per load, the economic advantages of transporting XINXING amphi mats are clearly significant.

XINXING Amphimats