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Skating Rink Floor Factory Price Synthetic Ice Rink Or Indoor Or Outdoor Ice Skating Or Ice Hockey Floors Rink Panels And Curling Lanes


所属分类: Ice Rink Products

所属分类: -- Hockey ( Ice ) rink dasher boards

Summary:Custom Convenience Flexible Synthetic Indoor Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks Floor Board Ice Rink Dasher Board

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Detailed description

Synthetic lce Rink system makes skating possible for everyone anytime everywhere. With synthetic ice rink system everyone can enjoy ice-skating in an inexpensive and enviroment-friendly way. We provide complete solution for synthetic ice rink systems. The complete set including the base panel, fencing barrier, handrail, gate etc. Is avalible from us.

Advantage: Quick and easy installation; Outdoor and indoor possibility; Any size, colors, and shapes available; Suitable for wide range of temperature.
Ultra high molecular weight polvethvlene (UHMW-PE) is a kind of polvethvlence with a molecular weight ofl more than 3 million, with the outstanding characteristics of high wear resistant, high impact strength, self-lubricating, corrosion resistant, shock absorption, low temperature resistant, non-toxic, anti stick, low water absorption, which gives it excellent performance, UHMWPE is the most best high performance engineering plastics.
1.Excellent glide properties
2.versatile and easy to work with UV-stabilized
3.Physiologically safe
4.Suitable for a use in a wide range of temperatures
5.good processing capability
7.High durability
8.No corrosion
10.Good chemical resistance
11.Consistent surface quality

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