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UHMW-PE plastic slide guide / wear strips / UHMWPE chain guide


所属分类: -- UHMWPE machined parts


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Detailed description

UHMWPE Property & Parameter:
Highest abrasion resistance of any polymer
Outstanding impact strength
Intricate parts
Cost efficient & Low Tooling costs
Improved performance
Self lubricating material
Light weight
Sound dampening properties
Good chemical resistance



UHMWPE parts application :


Sheet: marine fender face pad, brake pad for mountain bike, plate for synthetic ice ring,etc.
Lining: coal Bin, silos, hoppers, wear-resistant plates, brackets, chute like reflux devices, sliding surface, roller, coal bin, etc.
Machinery parts: guard rail, star wheels, guide gear, roller wheels, bearing lining tile, gears, cams, impellers, rollers, pulleys, bearings, bushings, cutting shafts, spacers, gaskets, flexible couplings, roller, bushings, nozzles, mixing blade, screws, etc.
Others: agricultural machinery, ship parts, electroplating industry, extreme low temperature mechanical components.


Xinxing own 8 sets CNC milling machine and 6 sets cutting machine to make process of the UHMWPE sheets . With detailed drawing we can make exactly same products with the design and size tolerance is +/-0.2 mm . This makes UHMWPE can be used in many machines that need high precision . Meanwhile with its high impact strength and excellent wear resistance , UHMWPE becomes more and more popular in kinds of wearing machined parts .


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