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HDPE Engineering Plastic Rod Nature HDPE Bar


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Summary:UHMWPE Rod Engineering Plastic HDPE Round Bar PE Hollow Bar

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Detailed description

HDPE Engineering Plastic Rod Nature HDPE Bar

Simple introduction  :

Xinxing hdpe bars has good heat resistance and cold resistance, good chemical stability, high rigidity and toughness, and good mechanical strength.

Advantage :

PE rod is an amazing polyethylene plastic material , which can replace carbon steel , stainless steel , bronze and many other materials . 
HDPE offers resistance to almost all acids and bases, detergents and hot water. 
Because PE rod has good insulation propety , so it is easy to weld . 
PE ROD's  working temperature is from -50 ºC to 90 ºC.

HDPE rods is a high crystallinity, non-polar thermoplastic resin, milky white translucent waxy solid, with good chemical stability, can resist most of the acid, alkali, organic solution corrosion, good electrical insulation, easy to weld.

Available  : 

In addition to the natural HDPE rod, we can also make black, red, yellow, blue, green, etc.   Also the size range can be 10-250 mm diameter . 

Popular Application  : 

1. Chemical Engineering: Corrosion and wear resistantance mechanical parts

2. Thermal power: coal handling, storage of coal, warehousing chute lining

3. Coal processing: sieve plate, filter, U-underground coal chute

4. Concrete: cement raw and finished product silo silo lining

5. Grain: food storage or chute lining

6. Mining: sieve plate, chute linings, wear anti-bonding part

7. Food industry: starshaped wheel, transmission timing bottle screw, bearings, guide rollers, guides, slide blocks, etc

8. Some kind of rubber fender panels and front face of rubber fender. 

We received the big order of HDPE round bar for one kind of application , more interest , please visit :


Also welcome to visit our factory round bar stock video  

If any more information , please kindly visit :   or contact sales manager  : June Lee    ( june@sdxxhg.com )  whatsapp  0086 18769467160 


UHMWPE Rod Engineering Plastic HDPE Round Bar PE Hollow Bar

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