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HDPE Sheet Plastic Plate PE Board Block UHMWPE Sheet Plastic Board PE Polyethylene Plate


所属分类: -- UHMWPE sheets and panels

Summary:4′x8′, 4′x10′ Plastic HDPE Sheet, HDPE Board, HDPE Plate Manufacture

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Detailed description

HDPE Sheet Plastic Plate PE Board Block UHMWPE Sheet Plastic Board PE Polyethylene Plate 

The size of our  popular HDPE Sheet can be as following:
Thickness can be varied from 1mm to 25mm . Other size and shape can be made as client request . 

1. Acid and alkali resistance, resistance to organic solvents 
2. Excellent electrical insulation and static resistance
3, Can still maintain a certain touness even at low temperature
4. Extremely high impact strength
5. Low friction coefficient
6. Non-toxic
7. Low water absorption
8.Lower density than any other thermoplastic plastics (<1g/cm3)
Single color hdpe sheet Application:
4x8 high density polyethylene plastic panel /HDPE sheet

1. Papermaking industry: suction box board, scraper, molding plate, bearing, gear;
2. Mining industry: charging barrel, abrasive and adhesive-resistant back lining for warehouses;
3. Chemical industry: acid pump, filter plate, worm gear, bearing;
4. Food industry: packing machinery parts, bottle guide, screw, wear plate, slide way, stud weld, roller and other transmission parts;
5. Textile industry:buffer board;
6. Food processing industry: chopping block, refrigerating plant;
7. Wharf: anti-collision board.

Dual color HDPE Sheet application:

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing engraving plastic color core HDPE Sheets is a versatile, environmentally stabilized sheet with multiple layers of contrasting colors. Its thin cap layers and bright primary colors make it ideal for signage, marine, playground and recreational applications.
Architectural Applications
Carnival Games
Children's Furniture
Marine Applications
Picnic Tables
Point-of-Purchase Displays
Signage and Wayfinding


For UHMWPE sheet , produced by pressing machine , standard size like 6000 X 1800 mm , 6000 X 2000 mm , 3050 X 1220 mm , 4500 X 2000 mm ,  3000 X 1500 mm ,etc .

Any color or any special type like anti-flame , anti-UV , anti-static , or boron added sheets all can be done by us . 

Welcome for your kind contact :  june@sdxxhg.com 

HDPE sheet

UHMWPE sheet

4\' X 8 \' plastic sheet



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