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Dual deck mats ,Oil drilling rig mats,HDPE track mats


所属分类: -- heavy duty rig mats

Summary:Dual deck mats ,Oil drilling rig mats,HDPE track mats, UHMWPE composite heavy duty mats

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Detailed description

Xinxing Rig mats has the guarantee of resistance to UV radiation , it is suitable to operate on sandy and clayey soils condition .

Meanwhile it has no limitation of restrictions on maneuvering technique . The interlock connectors can ensure to fix the plates firmly .


Once purchase Xinxing rig mats , all necessary tools and materials will be shipped together with the mats ,

including lock joints , locks , sling lines , installation hooks , spanner wrenches , extractors , repair kits , etc .


Xinxing rig mats supply a dependable , durable surface for drilling rigs .

Do you need a firm solid drilling platform on unstable ground ?

Do you want to keep the drill rig working off the mu or have a need for dust suppression ?

No matter what the size of the rig or how soft the ground conditions are , let Xinxing rig mats help you to get the job done . 

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Dual deck mats

Oil drilling rig mats

HDPE track mats



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