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PP / PE wall buffer and wall guard


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Summary:XinxingproducePP,HDPEandUHMWPEwearstrips,whichcanbeusedfor wall-mountedbufferrailandtrailerplatetoprovidespace-savingprotectionagainstimpactsathigherlevelsfromtallerhandpropelleditemssuchasmulti-shelv

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Xinxing produce PP , HDPE and UHMWPE wear strips , which can be used for  wall-mounted buffer rail and trailer plate to provide space-saving protection against impacts at higher levels from taller hand propelled items such as multi-shelved goods trolleys or hospital patient trolleys.


Durable, resilient and highly visible, it prevents dents and scuffs, and maintains the appearance of structures and surfaces.

Meanwhile , Xinxing can supply process for drilling holes , making chamfers and engraving company logos , etc . 


Different size , different color and different process , all is available here . Welcome for your kind contact !



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