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floorball rink fence panel for children


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Detailed description

Xinxing floorball fence board means the front impact shield ( a rink panel ) ,a floor panel , a top handrail .Used manufacturing technology ensures the product is sufficiently sturdy , resilient , resistant , long-lasting and , if the need be , with easily repairable and replaceable structural parts of the product .

The 40 by 20 meters size rink needs the following number of individual segments : 52 pcs of the 2 meters , 4 pcs of the 1 meter and 4 pcs of the rounded corners . A rounded corner is expected to be 1.5 meter long on each rink side out of an imaginar corner point at an angle of 90 degree .

The weight of segments :

2 meter long board : 8.8 kgs

1 meter long board : 4.4 kgs

The round corner : 9.5 kgs

Weight of the set : approximetely 515 kgs

Meanwhile the connection is made very simple to allow easiest possible assembly .

They can be also used for the business party . We welcome for your kind contact and ensure to offer a satisfied solution .

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