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Real Ice Plastic Fence Indoor Ice Hockey Dasher Board


所属分类: -- Hockey ( Ice ) rink dasher boards


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Detailed description

Real Ice Plastic Fence Indoor Ice Hockey Dasher Board

Main Features
1) Portable
2) Easy to install
3) Low maintenance cost
4) Easy to clean
5) High impact strength

Board: 2000x1200x10mm
Triangle Support: 50x25x2mm
Bracket Support: 50x50x2mm
Other customized sizes are also availble.

Door Parts
Name: Hockey Door
Brand: Xinxing

Original: China
Through day-to-day usage and abuse, dasher board gates and hinges will become out of alignment. Besides the monthly lubrication of the hinges on doors, each door should be aligned so it closes evenly and smoothly. This can be accomplished with minimal expertise and just a few tools.

Ice Board Sports Systems designs, manufactures, and installs removable arena dasher boards for ice skating, in-line skating, and indoor soccer, football & ball hockey arenas. Our line of dasher boards are suitable for both professional and recreational facilities, indoors or outdoors.

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