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floorball practices and drills dasher board


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Xinxing is the leading supplier for floorball panel no matter in domestic or oversea market . Especially for Singapore and Malaysia .

A 40 m long side of the rink need 18 pieces of the 2 m and 1 piece of the 1 m segment. A 20 m long side of the rink need 8 pieces of the 2 m and 1 piece of the 1 m segment. A rounded corner is expected to be 1,5 m long on each rink side out of an imaginary corner point at an angle of 90°.

The weight of segments :

The 2 m piece : 8,8 kg
The 1 m piece : 4,4 kg
The rounded Corner – 9,5 kg
Weight of the set: approximetely 515 kg

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