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UHMWPE Ice Skating Flooring Panels


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Our synthetic rinks are manufactured from a strong 100% ultra density polyethylene/HDPE/PVC/PLASTIC which will not warp, crack, splinter or corrode.
Mobile Synthetic/ Artificial Hire Ice Rinks are designed to be the real alternative to real ice where factors ,such as location / time and costs are an issue. Our mobile rinks use the very latest technology and offer a truly memorable and authentic ice skating experience in which .our rinks can be installed nearly anywhere and used in all weathers.
Our mobile skating rinks have a huge advantage over real ice because they:-
1, Don’t need expensive or pollution generators or chillers
2,We don’t have huge fuel or water bills
3,Our skating surface cannot melt
4,We can guarantee 24/7 skating
5,Our surfaces make for a safer skate
6, We have no environmental issues
7,We don’t need our surfaces to be re-surfaced
8, Installation / de-rigging time is a lot quicker .

Xinxing Synthetic ice rink floor standard size is 2000*1000*8 mm , 1000*1000*8 mm with dovetail groove design . Any other size and design are aviable with us . 

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