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synthetic ice rink hockey shooting pad


所属分类: -- Hockey practice shooting pads

Summary:1.Syntheticicehockeyrinkpracticeshootingpad/peshootingpad:Ourhockeyshootingboard/shootingpad/shootingmatishasbeenspecificallyengineeredtoreplicateanicehockeysurface. Usethehockeyshootingboardtopractic

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Detailed description

1. Synthetic ice hockey rink practice shooting pad/pe shooting pad:

Our hockey shooting board/shooting pad/shooting mat is has been specifically engineered to replicate an ice hockey surface.


Use the hockey shooting board to practice your wrist shot and snap shot,

or even your slap shot in a confinedspace.

Any drill that involves stationary shooting can be done with this hockey shooting mat,

as well as stationary stickhandling drills.

Plastic PE shooting pad/Extreme Professional Hockey Shooting pad

shooting pad for artificial ice rink/Hockey Shooting Mat

Hockey Shooting Pad/ Stickhandling Skill Pad

Shooting and Stickhandling Training Pad

Shooting Pad/shooting-pad-with-handle-meme

Hockey Junior Shooting Pad/Professional Hockey Shooting Board

HockeyShot Shooting Pad

Hockey Shooting Pad/extreme-passing-kit-hockey-shooting-pad

Synthetic Ice SkillPad and Shooting Board/HockeyShot Professional Shooting Pad


2. Features of Synthetic ice hockey rink practice shooting pad/pe shooting pad.


• Will not break with slap shots or hard stick abuse like plexiglass.
• Simulates real on ice puck action.
• Beveled edge makes it easy to get pucks onto mat.
• Protects those expensive hockey sticks from pavement, concrete or any rough surface.
• Great surface for any hockey player to maximize stickhandling and shooting.

• No more tape marks on your floors or driveway.
• Handle makes it easy to pick up and carry.
• Use in or outdoors. 



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