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HDPE hockey barrier system for professional activities


所属分类: -- Hockey ( Ice ) rink dasher boards


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Detailed description

Constructed from sturdy steel tube frames which are hot dipped galvanized to provide complete protection to the metal surfaces, it can be found in arenas where they cater to all levels and different calibers of hockey. The system has a built in flexibility which reduces potential risk to players on impact with the boards, yet is built to provide many years of trouble free use.

Steel tube and HDPE Sheet size can be made by customer requirements .


Best steel and best HDPE made our dasher board have a especialy long life than other material .


XINXING is the leading manufacture for UHMWPE and HDPE Sheets (both single colour and dural colour ) , Rods and parts in China with nearly 20 years history.We are the only factory in China can both produce both UHMWPE and HDPE products in China .

Our HDPE Sheet have the following advantage
UV resistant
Moisture resistant
Fungus and Moulds resistant
Abrasion resistant
Graffiti can be easily cleaned
Stain resistant
Chemical resistant
High durability
Low coefficient of friction
Food Grade for food industries application
High impact strength
Fire retardant
Low maintenance cost
No delamination
Easily work with most wood and metal working tools
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