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Portable ice hockey dasher board,HDPE ice rink boards system


所属分类: -- Hockey ( Ice ) rink dasher boards

Summary:Availableaseithersteeloraluminumconstruction, allofourdasherboardsystemsarecustomdesigned, manufacturedandinstalledbyustoyourspecifications. youareguaranteedtogetthebestqualityproductatacompetitivepri

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Detailed description

Available as either steel or aluminum construction,

 all of our dasher board systems are custom designed,

 manufactured and installed by us to your specifications.

 you are guaranteed to get the best quality product at a competitive price.


  • Retrofit or new construction
  • Aluminum and steel dasherboard systems
  • Permanent and portable systems
  • Stainless steel hardware standard on all systems
  • Powder coated panels available any colour for both aluminum and steel frames
  • Prefabricated or on-site build
  • Demountable systems for easy conversion in multi-purpose facilities
Ice rink for Dasher Board Standard Size:



Other Customer size is also available

Hockey dasher board Material option:

1.galvanized steel tube + HDPE anti-UV Sheet

2.Aluminum tube +HDPE anti-UV Sheet

Dasher Board Standard sizes:


  • 610mm(L) x 1220mm(W) x (10-30mm)(T)=(2' x 4')
  • 1220mm(L) x 1220mm(W) x (10-30mm)(T)=(4' x 4')
  • 1220mm(L) x 2440mm(W) x (10-30mm)(T)=(4' x 8')
  • 1000mm(L) x 1000mm(W) x (10-30mm)(T)
  • 1500mm(L) x 1500mm(W) x (10-30mm)(T)
  • 1000mm(L) x 3000mm(W) x (10-30mm)(T)                        

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