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White UHMW-PE Rod



Summary:UHMWPErod UltraPolyUHMWHighlightsUHMWis6timesmoreabrasionresistantthansteel.Virtuallyunbreakablewithnonotchsensitivity.Non-markingandnonabrasive.Lowfrictioncoefficientmakesitslickinanyweather.Availabl

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Ultra Poly UHMW Highlights

UHMW is 6 times more abrasion resistant than steel.

Virtually unbreakable with no notch sensitivity.

Non-marking and nonabrasive.

Low friction coefficient makes it slick in any weather.

Available with a non-skid surface where traction is needed.

Lightweight. Floats in water. 1" x 12" x 12" = 5 pounds.

No cold embrittlement, works from -155ºF to + 200ºF.

Can be cold or heat bent to meet required shapes.

Simple to install and requires virtually no maintenance.

Nonconductive, nonmagnetic, and non-fibrous.


The main UHMW-PE products of Xinxing :

UHM-PE sheet , UHMW-PE board , UHMW-PE pad , Marine fender face pad , Fender UHMW-PE pad , Corner UHMW -PE pad , Drilled and Manufacturered UHMW-PE pad , HDPE sheet , different grade UHMW-PE sheet , UHMW-PE parts , UHMW-PE

Rods , PTFE sheet and rods , pvc ,pe tarpaulin sheet ect .


Standard size of UHMW-PE Rod :

Φ20,Φ30,Φ50,Φ80,Φ100,Φ150 and other size .


Standard size of UHMW-PE sheet :

length*width *thickness (mm) length*width *thickness (mm)
2500*1320*(10-200) 5050*1320*(10-200)
1500*1500*(10-200) 3050*1550*(10-200)
2200*1200*(10-200) 4750*1210*(10-200)

we can cut the standard size into different size and shape , but the price of the sheet will add the cost of wasted sheet's cost and the worker's cost


Different grade UHMW-PE sheet

1.3 million molecule weight UHMW PE sheet

2.5 million molecule weight UHMW PE sheet

3.7 million molecule weight UHMW PE sheet

4.9 million molecule weight UHMW PE sheet


The Capacity of our factory :

Our factory has done this area for more than 10 years , and we have professional workers and technicians , 5 products line assure we can produce more than 4000 tons UHMW-PE sheet per year ,and we will add the machine which can produce the size 4000*2000*(10-200)mm and 3050X1220X(10-100)MM UHMW PE sheet in this April , so we can satisfy more customers' request . And we have more than 10 machines to process different UHMW-PE products , like UHMW-PE pad , UHMWPEparts ,UHMW-PE gaskets . We can process almost all kinds UHMW PE parts if the customer has the drawing

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