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Anti-UV HDPE Sheet


所属分类: --Glossy and smooth HDPE sheets

Summary:Thickness:2-300mm.Width:1000mm,1200,1300mm,1500mmLength:1500mm,2000mm,2375mm,3000mm,5000mm Anycolor,machiningwithdrawingavailable.Surface:Smooth,Sandorcorrugation.Density:0.94-0.97g/cm3 Heatingsizecha

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Detailed description

Thickness: 2- 300mm.
Width: 1000mm,1200,1300mm,1500mm

Length: 1500mm, 2000mm,2375mm,3000mm,5000mm


Any color, machining with drawing available.
Surface: Smooth, Sand or corrugation.
Density: 0.94-0.97g/cm3


Heating size change rate under 80°C : 52% (standard ≤60% ).
Tensile Strength in lengthways: 8.08 Mpa (Standard ≥7.0Mpa).

Tensile Strength in transverse: 7.71 Mpa (Standard ≥7.0Mpa).


HDPE Sheet(High Density Polyethylene sheet) .
offers excellent sliding properties and abrasion/wear resistance due to its low coefficient of friction. HDPE Sheet is very tough and impact resistant, even at low temperatures, it is lightweight, easy to weld but difficult to bond.
Advantages of HDPE Sheet


HDPE Sheet has very low friction properties which are some of the best within the engineering plastics range and HDPE Sheet helps produce low friction components. HDPE Sheet also has excellent abrasion resistance which helps provide components that are suitable for high abrasion applications. HDPE Sheet will absorb very low amounts of moisture which help creates components that are stable over a long period of time and also help this product attain Food & Drug Administration Approval which can help in the food industry.


HDPE Sheet is very economical and can provide an engineering plastic with equal or greater performance advantages and save end users a significant amount of money. HDPE Sheet is light and easy to machine to help improve machining times. HDPE Sheet is very tough and almost impossible to break which helps produce components that are tough and can stand up to a lot of punishment in high impact environments.



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