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white UHMWPE truck mounted cranes outrigger pads


所属分类: -- Crane outrigger pads


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Detailed description


1:Excellent wear resistance:

2:Impact resistance:4-5 times of the ABS

3:Superior self-lubrication: Widely used as liner of coal bunker,chute,truck etc

4:Excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance: Acid,Alkali,Salt resistance,applied in chemical field.

5:Non-toxic:in accordance with FDA/USDA standard

6:Excellent low temperature resistance:Won't break in -180°c environment

Technology datas

Item Unit Test standard Result
Density g/cm3 GB/T1033-1966 0.96-0.98
Molding shrinkage %   ASTMD6474 1.0-1.5
Elongation at break % GB/T1040-1992 238
Tensile strength Mpa GB/T1040-1992 45.3
Ball indentation hardness test 30g Mpa DINISO 2039-1 38
Rockwell hardness R ISO868 57
Simply supported beam hardness KJ/m ISO179 85
Bending strength Mpa GB/T9341-2000 23
Compression strength Mpa GB/T1041-1992 24
Static softening temp.   ENISO3146 132
Specific heat KJ/(Kg.K)   2.05
Impact strength Kj/m3 D-256 100-160
Heat conductivity{w/(m.k)} %(m/m) ISO11358 0.16-0.14
Sliding properties and friction coefficient PLASTIC/STEEL(WET) 0.19
Sliding properties and friction coefficient PLASTIC/STEEL(DRY) 0.14
Anti-static coefficient SL-CM 10
Water absorption ASTMD570 <0.01%




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