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Various UHMW PE Dock bumper pad


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Summary:UHMW-PEdockbumperspad Manygaragesandwarehousewillhaveproblemswhentheircarortruckenterorexitthegarageandwearhouse,thecarortruckmaybestrikethedoororthewall,therewillbedamagesofcar,truck,wallanddoor.Soit

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Detailed description

UHMW-PE dock bumpers pad


Many garages and warehouse will have problems when their car or truck enter or exit the garage and wearhouse , the car or truck maybe strike the door or the wall , there will be damages of car, truck ,wall and door . So it is a big headache to customers . Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co., LTD invented the UHMW-PE dock bumpers and pad to slove customers' problem .


UHMW-PE dock bumpers and pad has the following advantages:

-good tensile strength
-good impact intensity
-super compression strength
-good breaking elongation

-15 Percent the weight of steel pads

-Chemically inert, serviceable from 180° F to - 250° F

-Corrosion, chemical, wear and moisture resistant.

-Non-stick surface, easy to clean

UHMW-PE dock bumpers material properties


Item           Test result      Unit
Density 0.93-9.98  g/cm3
Tensile strength  25-28  Mpa
Compression strength  30-35 Mpa
Elongation at break  270-360  %
Shore D hardness  62-66  HD
Coefficient of friction  0.12-0.16   

Notched Impact strenth charpy




With our professional engineers and workers hard work , we have invented many kinds UHMW-PE dock bumpers and pad , any speical need of UHMW-PE dock bumpers and pad will be available, just tell me your design and idea , we can satisfy your special need .

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