Where does Conveyor Belt Scraper Blade use

2021-09-15 00:00

                                                                                             Where does Conveyor Belt Scraper Blade use

Coveyor belt scraper blades ( also can be called conveyor belt cleaner) , made with UHMWPE material , which has an extremely good abrasion resistance , strength of impact and very low friction coefficient , it is the food grade rigid plastic , so can be used in food industry conveyor equipment freely.



UHMWPE conveyor belt scraper blade , also known as belt cleaner , scrapers or cleans residual material from belting , rollers and other surface , and is suitable when sticky and moist or coarse material is transported .


UHMWPE material to use as the conveyor scraper blade because its excellent property :

  • chemical resistance;
  • high temperature resistance;
  • durability – Fewer blade replacements are necessary;
  • resistance to abrasion;
  • non-toxic;
  • low coefficient of friction; and
  • colour-coded.


Xinxing accept customized size and color of UHMWPE conveyor belt scraper blade order  , some are bigger size which used in metal mill and power mill , with a big quantity of purchase each month . 

We supplied with this products with fast delivery and top quality to ensure a continuous supply chain. 



UHMWPE material is known for being ultra durable with high tear and abrasion resistance . They are used for various industrial applications and are popular alternatives to the types made of other plastic material .

Kinds of equipment machined parts are made with this material , such as :

Roller Chain Guides wear strip

UHMWPE Chain guides

Plastic Guide rollers

UHMWPE elevator bucket

Conveyor drive rollers

Plastic wear plate

Suction box cover plate


UHMWPE gallery

Polyethylene UHMWPE sheets and parts


Its wide application industry range make UHMWPE very popular :

  • Bottling plants
  • Conveyors
  • Food boards
  • Machine parts for food industries
  • Noise abatement use
  • Pulp and paper industries 

More information about Xinxing UHMWPE products , welcome to visit our articles . 

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