HDPE bar for protection guardrail

2021-09-15 00:00

                                           HDPE bar for protection guardrail

Xinxing produce HDPE rods , HDPE bars , HDPE tubes as the main products . They can be used for many industries and field , because of their excellent property . Let us introduce one important application for you !


In Logistics warehouses , factories , any place susceptible to blows from cargo equipment , forklifts and skids , HDPE bar solution are synonymous with safety and efficiency in work environments . These protections prevent accidens and avoid damage to people , shelves and machinery .


When the car or other things hit the HDPE bar , this safety system against impacts , horizontally , designed and tested to stop a vehicle and at the moment of the impact , absorb and redistribute the energy of the impact without damaging the floor or the element to be protected .


The HDPE rods , HDPE bars , HDPE tubes https://youtu.be/Mkkud2-tkYccan be used in certified for safe used in food and pharmaceutical environments .

They can protect for automatic doors

They can protect for load-bearing walls and columns

They can protect for rack and storage systems

They can protect for goods and machinery


The advantage of HDPE rods and bars are : They are made of synthetic polymer of plastic origin , their physical , resistance and durability properties are far superior to conventional metal ones .

Meanwhile , they are flexible to move and install , they are minimal maintenance , as it does not rust , peel off or dent with shocks , and they are hygienic and easy to clean . Please see below application picture .


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