XINXING high-density polyethylene boards used on China Jinping Underground Laboratory

2023-03-11 10:06

China Jinping Underground Laboratory is located deep in the mountains of Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, with a depth of 2,400 meters. It is currently the deepest and largest dark matter laboratory in the world. The laboratory polyethylene shielding warehouse is composed of more than 1,800 tons of high-density polyethylene ( HDPE) boards on six sides. The project team disassembled the warehouse body into tens of thousands of pieces through BIM information technology to meet the experimental requirements of "no gaps"


For this project, XINXING total supplied 1800 tons of HDPE boards and all HDPE board have been strictly inspected and 100% qualified.

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1. XINXING have rich experience in supplying the world big projects of uhmwpe and HDPE products

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3. XINXING have the most advanced testing equipment and processing equipments for engineer plastics 

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