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Anti-radiation UHMWPE/HDPE boron polyethylene plates

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Anti-radiation UHMWPE/HDPE boron polyethylene plates

Product description

Anti-radiation UHMWPE/HDPE boron polyethylene plates 

Boron - containing polyethylene board, thickness of 2cm-30cm.The technical field is ionizing radiation protection for nuclear technology application.The boron-containing polyethylene plate is used in the field of ionizing radiation protection to shield the fast neutrons in the neutron radiation field and the mixed neutron and Y radiation field, so as to prevent the radiation hazard and damage caused by neutron radiation to occupational workers and the public.

In order to improve the shielding effect of BORon-containing PE on fast neutrons and solve the problem that it is difficult to commercialize the scale production of boron-containing PE board in China, a boron-containing PE board containing 8% boron was developed.In terms of shielding principle of fast, because the child rest mass is 1.0086649 U, and hydrogen atoms (protons) to rest mass is 1. 007825 U [1], the atomic mass of neutron quality similar with hydrogen atoms, therefore, when the fast and shield hydrogen nuclei in elastic collision occurs, the easiest way to pass the energy to hydrogen nuclei and loss of energy, which will slow fast to slow and thermal.The more hydrogen the shield contains, the stronger the moderating effect will be. Among the commonly used neutron shielding materials, polyethylene has the highest hydrogen content, up to 7.92x IO22 atom /cm3 gas. Therefore, polyethylene is the best moderator for shielding fast neutrons.After the fast neutron is slowed down to a thermal neutron, a shielding material with a large thermal neutron absorption cross section and no high energy Y radiation is needed to absorb the thermal neutron.As, has a high thermal neutron absorption cross section of (3840 ll)X10_24cm2[3], and kiB abundance in natural boron is 18.98% [3], which is easy to obtain. Therefore, boron-containing materials are good absorbers for shielding thermal neutrons.

Neutron radiation protection in nuclear power plants, medium (high) energy accelerators, atomic reactors, nuclear submarines, medical accelerators, neutron treatment equipment and other places.

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