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ice rink railing with steel support

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ice rink railing with steel support

Product description

Residential synthetic ice rink barriers :
Backyard, Basement, Garage & Attic are all excellent places to place a Xinxing seamless ice rink. Have fun and improve at the same time - at home!
Any hard flat surface can work well. It can even be parked on with cars! Installation and tear-down is fast and easy with the Xinxing seamless ice rink connection system. Any size and shape can be constructed. It can also be easily added onto in the future. Tangyin Xinxing can help you design your own custom home rink

Community synthetic ice rink and barriers:
Install a skating rink in your city or community regardless of the climate,temperature,anytime! It can used for Holiday celebrations, festivals, city parks, schools, shopping malls & churches for a variety of applications. Easy setup and tear-down for instant ice skating when needed!

Advantages of OEM hdpe sheet ice skating manufacture/ice rink boards/fences/barrier/shooting pads:

Because synthetic ice rink boards/fences/shooting pads are available in slabs, the shape and size of the rink can be largely customized.

Quick installation
Quick assembly/disassembly thanks to the puzzle blindin system that guarantees a flat and level surface of the rink, the best synthetic ice surface available in the market.

Low operating and maintenance costs of our uhmwpe synthetic shooting pads and ice rink boards/fences. 

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Sales executive  : Amily Tong

Mobile :  0086 18263036307

Tel : +86-534-5216655

Email :  amily@sdxxhg.com