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pure white HDPE sheet/natural color virgin HDPE sheet

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pure white HDPE sheet/natural color virgin HDPE sheet

Product description



1,Good abrasion resistance

2,Good lowtemperature impact resistance, not even when you are in - 180 degrees embrittlement

3,Good electrical properties, low water absorption

4,High impact strength, good toughness, it is ordinary polyethylene 200 times

5,The weight is light, non-toxic health

6,Resistance to chemical corrosion, good comprehensive mechanical energy, can be widely used industrial mining area, etc




Application Areas

Application Examples


Transport Machinery

Compromise rails, conveyors, take-up housing for transfer device,

 fixed plate, production line timing star wheels

Food Machinery

Star wheels,  bottle feeding counting screws,  filling machine bearings, 

bottle grasping machine parts, gasket pins, cylinders, gears, rollers, chain wheel handles

Papermaking Machinery

Suction box covers, partial guide rollers, scrapers, bearings, nozzles, 

filters, oil reservoirs, wear bars, blanket sweepers

Textile Machinery

Scutchers, shock absorber baffles, connectors, crankshaft connecting rods, 

picking sticks, sweeping flower pins, partial rod bushings, oscillating back rests

Construction and Farm Machinery

Bulldozer mouldboard lining, dump truck compartment lining, 

tractor coulter lining

Chemical Machinery

Valves, pumps, gaskets, filters, gears, nuts, seal rings,

 nozzles, cocks, bushings, bellows

Marine Machinery

Ship parts, crane side rollers, wear blocks and other spare parts

General Machinery

Gears, bearings, bushings, sliding panels, clutches, guide ways, 

brakes, hinges, flexible couplings, rollers, riding wheels, fasteners, 

lifting platform sliding parts

Dyeing and Modification

Diffuse dye machine bearings, scrapers, sliding panels, gaskets, seals, 

tentering guide discs


Snow dipped lining, power sleds, ice rink pavement, rink protection frame

Medical Supplies

Rectangular surgical parts, artificial joints, artificial limbs, etc.


Refrigerating machinery, masking plate of the atomic power station, electroplating parts, ultra-low temperature mechanical parts


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