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We always share the things "Quality first, Customer first ,keeping improving " to win more benefits for our customer.
 In order to achieving rapid and sustainable development, we are willing to establish a wide and deep cooperation relation with enterprises both home and abroad.

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conveyor slider bed / impact bar

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conveyor slider bed / impact bar

Product description

Xinxing Chemical produce UHMWPE impact bar for conveyor system , and can also supply the complete conveyor belt system . ( aluminum tank , rubber and uhmwpe impact bar )

The standard size is 100*75 mm and no limit for length . Xinxing Impact bar has following advantages :

*Absorb impact at loading point

*Easy to fit and replace

*Manufactured from a combination of impact absorbing rubber , aluminum and low friction green polythene

Heavy duty impact bars feature a solid design that prevents belt damae at loading zones . Provides exceptional impact and wear resistance . High qualtiy materials offer superior belt support , significantly longer life and lwoer impact bed maintenance requirement.

Welcome to inquire and purchase our convery system impact bars .

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Sales executive  : Amily Tong

Mobile :  0086 18263036307

Tel : +86-534-5216655

Email :  amily@sdxxhg.com