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Xinxing Quickmat /Basemat /Dura mat /Amphimat /Rig mat / Ground protection mat testing

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Xinxing Quickmat /Basemat /Dura mat /Amphimat /Rig mat / Ground protection mat testing 

CBR is essentially a measure of the strength of the ground; the firmer the soil/sub-grade, the higher the CBR rating and its load bearing capacity. A CBR of 3, for example, equates to tilled farmland, a CBR of about 5 equates to turf or moist clay, while moist sand may have a CBR of 10.

Xinxing Friendly remind customer , to make clear about the construction site ground situation ( CBR ) is important to purchase the most suitable and highest quality performanced mats . 


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Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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Sales executive  : June Lee

Mobile :  +86-18769467160 

Tel : +86-534-5231577

Email :  june@sdxxhg.com